Does Anyone Care?

Rev Francisco Rivero
Rev Francisco Rivero

It is so cold that I can feel it piercing through my jacket reaching into my skin and getting right insight my bones, but despite the painful cold the hunger is worst so I go out, my mission, to get to the take-way and back as quickly as possible. Conversing to Johanna keeps my mind away from how low the temperature is. Her job is changing she says, what was a free lance job the company now wants to change it to a contract meaning more restrictions and less money. She is not happy about it, and has less than a week to make her mind up on what to do. As we discuss the world’s economy and how things are getting tougher the subject of my job comes up. “So Francisco how is your work going to be as from March?” she asks... “Well I will be working Wed, Thu and Sun” I say. “Well in this financial climate is better than no job right!” she remarks, as she blows into her hands seeking to warm up, and walks in a funny way as she tries to make the pain produced by cold go away. I usually observe people jumping, or moving funnily, or things of that sort, when they are cold in the pursuit to warms their bodies.


As I myself blow into my hands seeking the comfort of my warm breath I reply “Well...I technically have a job but a non-paid job. You see Johanna, I felt God spoke to me and told me to trust in him by not taking the salary. The problem is that the church has not been doing that well financially” I stop for a moment as I try to make my mind up on what we are going to eat, we have all the choices in front of us, kebab, Chinese, curry... “I think we have too many choices now-a-days that is the problem” I say, as we make our mind up to have Chinese. “Where was I? Oh yes, the church and the finances. The thing is that some think that you give money so the Minister can be paid. But the point is that we give out of how grateful we are towards Him for all He has done, and because He has asked us” at that point I remember she is not a Christian and all this talk might not be making sense to her. Nonetheless I continue to close my thought. “By me removing from the equation what I believe God is doing is focusing them, by bringing them to the real reason why we give”. “But while God is busy teaching them that lesson, how are you going to life?” she asks, there is confusion on her face as she asks. She pauses. Looks down and raises her face, it was like in slow motion, as she slowly raised up and turns to face me, she stares right into my eyes almost like reaching inside my soul and asks, “But do they care? Will anyone care? Will anyone change? Why do you do this? You don’t have to do it, nobody cares.”    


I don’t expect you to fully understand this I myself am trying to make sense of what is about to happen. I know God cares therefore I do care. Will anyone care, change or notice? I don’t know we will find out soon. But it is not about if they care, it is about that I care. I care enough for them, because I feel that God cares enough for me. Once I didn’t care if God would find me, or if Jesus died on a cross, but now that I have come to understand it, I glad that he cared when I didn’t.


Paul was a man, says the Bible, selected by God to know how much he was going to suffer for His name. The Lord Jesus selected him to go out to the Gentiles (non-Jews) and preach the Good News of God to them. This decision meant to be cut out from his present life, his status and all the rest. He says all that I have for winning now I consider it worthless next to Christ. My point is, no one really cared if he was going to go, no one was expecting him in the world of the Gentiles, however he understood that God cared so much that His Son Jesus died at the cross and therefore he cared too. Thanks to Paul caring for the Gentiles in bringing the Good News to them today I can write these lines to you.

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