In the Community

Community Wall Project


Created by Clapham Baptist Church, the Wandsworth Road Community Wall Project is aimed at addressing a rundown area of Wandsworth Road, which attracts graffiti and anti-social behaviour. The project seeks to regenerate an existing mural wall by bringing together local artists and members of the local community, in/around Victoria Rise, and Cedars Road. This is not only designed to improve the look of the local area, but also benefit the wider community with additional space for local artists to express themselves on a regularly updated feature wall, which will be maintained and updated with the work of new artists, after a certain length of time. Those at Clapham Baptist Church hope that this project will greatly increase the sense of community in our area and enhance the local street scene.


As of November 2022, phase one of the project has been completed - you can even see it, right now, along Wandsworth road! But there is still work to do, especially along the remainder of the wall, where we'd like to create a separate space for local artists. With your help, we can further revitalise the wall, bless our community & brighten people's days.


Let's journey together.