Vision 2012

The deacons and I took time away last weekend to seek God’s guidance and vision for the church. We had a great time together, around the table, in prayer, studying the Bible, praying but most importantly seeking to hear God speaking to us.


To some people Church is a matter of gathering on Sunday mornings to sing a few songs, read the Bible, say some prayers and to listen to a sermon. Church is much more than that. Although our main doors are closed throughout the week the church is by no means closed, if anything it is more active than ever. Sunday Service is the place where we come to conclude the worship that we have been doing throughout the week by action, worship, learning and listening to God. It is the time and place where we gather with the bigger community of Christ to worship God.


Why is it important for the leaders to get away from everyone and everything to concentrate on the things mention above? The church is not only a Sunday gathering, but the body of Christ which is journeying towards its final destination. Our final destination is to be the bride of Christ, and to be with Him. What the Bible calls the New Jerusalem. But there are other questions which have been put to the church as she journeys towards its final destination.


What is the church’s calling as she journeys towards her final destination? What should the Church expect as she journeys? What has been given to the church as she moves towards her final destination? All these questions are for the Universal Church and the Church of the Centuries from Christ to now to answer; however, these questions are also addressed to the local church. And we here at CBC as a local church cannot and must not overlook these questions, which, once we seek to answer with the guidance of the Holy Spirit will reveal God’s purpose for us here at Clapham.


Over the weekend and in the weeks to come the deacons have set their minds, hearts and spirits to search, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the answers to these questions. We here at Clapham understand that we don’t want to be a Church that is a mile wide and an inch deep. What does this mean? Some churches try to do too much and spread themselves too thinly. When there is not clear guidance from God there is the danger of filling the week with activities lacking understanding of why the church is doing it, and most importantly with a church that lacks an understanding of the God who they have been called to serve and worship.


Over the weekend we identified three main things we have been called to do; to GATHER those who have been call by God, to BUILD them up by helping them to understand their calling and knowledge of God and to SEND them to fulfil God’s purpose. These three things will be supported by 5 pillars which are identified in Act 2.








These will be nurtured by the 5 ministries given to the church by God through His Holy Spirit








We then understand that all these are possible with the gift of the Spirit which has been available to every one of us in Christ to the edification of the Church.



All this might come as a heavy load of information and it is why in the next few weeks and months we will be working hard to convey the vision to the church in a simple and practical way. It is why we invite you this Friday to join in prayer to ask God to open our understanding as we try to listen to what He is saying and to put actions to His words.


May God bless us as we embark into a new year full of promises, challenges, and work for the Lord

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